Our IT development team has been very busy over the summer period developing smart products for companies needing help with the tax and legal compliance for their international share plans. Our strategy has been to offer different ways to access and use our compliance solutions, and to work in partnership with our clients to ensure we deliver the service they need. What stands behind our products is the global know-how of our network, and this is managed by our business partners, the law firm CMS. CMS is a truly global firm, with offices in over 40 countries. They have used this network, and their ‘best friend’ firms in other jurisdictions, to deliver to ShareReporter the tax and legal expertise in each country. We then create a range of ways companies can utilise this information to help them with the day-to-day compliance of their share plans.

Share | Compliance is our ‘core’ application, and holds the database of global compliance, legal and tax. You can use our unique ‘heat map’ to see which are the key issues to address in every jurisdiction, while the legal report has every detail you might need. The tax sections show tax rates, social security, withholding etc.

Share | Tax provides you with just the tax information, for companies with an existing solution for legal compliance.

Our Share | Snapshot service delivers immediate, country by country reports, in pdf format, straight to your inbox, without the need for an annual subscription.

Our Share | Guides are a communication tool for companies to get the tax and legal information to their pan participants in each jurisdiction. This can be delivered via customised mobile app, or through pdfs which can be shared with employees via your intranet, administrator etc.

Our IT team works on our products every day, as we look to improve and innovate. If your company is looking to work smarter, and with less costs, on its compliance, please get in touch and we can give you a quick demo – we only need 15 minutes to show you what we can do for you!