Share | Guides – tax and share plan information in the hands of your employees

Our ground-breaking Share | Guides app gives your employees the chance to engage with their share plans in an active and dynamic way. We help you simplify your share plan communications, by giving employees up-to-date, personalised tax and share plan information at the touch of a button. Our apps are customised to your company, your plans and your countries. Tax information is relevant, updated and accurate. Get in touch to find out more and book a demo.

Share | Guides

All the information your employees need for their share plans 24/7. Available in multiple formats.

Up to date information

Changes to tax or plan rules will be updated instantly, underpinned by our Share | Compliance global legal and tax dataset.

Download PDFs or Word files whenever you need them

You can download participant reports directly from the app, then share with your team. Or we can set up a customised mobile app.

Clear, practical and accessible

Information is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background. Tax obligations are clearly shown.

Improve financial education

Clearly show the benefits and tax obligations of your plans, with the help of informative charts and metrics. Lead your plan participants through the share ownership process.

Cost effective

Save time, money, and paper by using our app to streamline your employee communications. When tax rates change, they are shown immediately on the app.

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 Share | Guides prices

We can provide participant tax guides in multiple formats, including PDFs, Word files or as mobile apps tailored to your company. Prices start from just €150 for a single PDF report – please contact us with your requirements and we will give you a personalised quotation. The Mobile App for Share|Guides is from €3,000 and a cost of €5 per year per employee. Contact us.