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Whenever you need a legal report, payroll summary or a tax guide for a country straight away, you can check information on our platform, and download your reports in PDF, Excel or Word.  It’s quick, it’s inexpensive and it will help you get your job done.

Your knowledge centre

All your legal and tax information whenever you need it. The main legal issues, securities, exchange controls, employment issues and any filings that you need. See income tax rates, employee and employer social security and withholding.

Quality reports instantly

Use our unique Report Builder to download your legal and tax reports directly from the platform, for the countries and plans you need.

Share your information with your team

Download and share documents with your team members.

Flat-fee reports

Whether you need to compare 90 jurisdictions or a single country, it’s a flat fee per country. Simple and great value.

Reports for important plan events – grant, vest, sale

Get timely help for your share plans compliance. It’s easy to organise reports by plan events such as grant, exercise or sale.

All information supported by the CMS global network

The expertise of CMS and their global network underpins our services, and gives you all the reassurance you need.

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We offer free access to 40 of our countries, so you can see the essential legal and tax information for key jurisdictions around the world. We also have advanced options opening up more countries and more features. We are always available to give quick demos so you can get the right service for you.  *All prices below are subject to VAT; upgrade plans are per year.

for everyone working in the share plan industry

40 countries

What’s included

Options, RSUs, Cash Plan

Legal Heatmap

Tax Heatmap

1 User

when you work with global clients with critical compliance issues

80 countries

All Free features, plus

Restricted Shares and ESPP

Legal and tax reports (€350* per report per country)

Recent changes alerts plus email notification

Up to 3 Users

for lawyers, accountants and consultants with global clients

All available countries

All Premium features, plus

Legal Heatmap and full, detailed legal information

Tax Headlines and full, detailed tax information

Legal and tax summary table

Legal and tax reports, Payroll guides, Participant Guides (€250* per report per country)

Up to 5 Users

Customised partnership, with the data to provide, tech-led global compliance solutions
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All countries

All Professional features, plus

All customised plans

Client manager and customised companies

Phone support

Full service

Quarterly meetings

API ready

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