Share | Lite – all your compliance needs in a simple, inexpensive application

Our  Share | Lite app is our exciting ‘core’ product, ideal for start-ups and early growth companies with a single share plan. It has everything you need to get your tax and legal compliance done, at a simply unbeatable price. You can sign up online, and it is easy to use, practical and commercial. We feature over 80 countries, with more coming on stream all the time.

Share | Lite

Our core database of global tax and legal issues, designed for start-ups and early growth companies.

Cost effective

The best value application on the market. Select your price package to match your countries.

Global reach

We have over 80 countries, with more to come. Data is accurate and updated.

Clear, practical and easy to navigate

Our app is intuitive and smart to use, designed in-house by our developers.

All major plan types

We have data covering option plans, RSUs, cash plans, RSPs and ESPPs. Choose your plan when you sign up.

Online sign up, available 24/7

You can sign up online in just a minute or two, then get working immediately on your share plans compliance.

 Share | Lite Price Packages

We have a range of price packages depending on the total number of countries you need. Please note that Share | Lite is only available for companies. We have a range of products for advisors – please get in touch.

1 – 5 Countries: €500

6 – 10 Countries: €850

11 – 25 Countries: €1,250

26 – 50 Countries: €2,000

All countries: €2,500