Slide Go to the app Are you asking the right questions? Companies need to ask themselves if there are better ways to manage their share plans compliance. Slide Did you know that 70% of countries don't require any securities filings? ... and for free share plans, securities filings are required in less than 10% of countries. Go to the app Slide Did you know that only 45% of global countries have a withholding tax?
If the parent company recharges the costs to the subsidiary, the withholding tax is only charged in 30% of countries.
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Slide Smart tech for global share plans is the answer ShareReporter offers a range of compliance solutions for companies offering employee share plans on an international scale. Go to the app Slide Go to the app Global legal compliance Manage your international share plans compliance online. All the issues, all the costs and schedules, all the details. All the solutions. Slide Go to the app Customised mobile apps for plan participants Including essential tax and other compliance information your employees need for every stage of the plan Slide Go to the app The full global tax picture All the tax rates that matter to companies and local companies, including withholding. Constantly updated through our global network.

We combine great tech & top-quality legal and tax expertise

We do things differently, to make organising and executing the legal and tax compliance of your international employee share plans easier and quicker, and a lot less expensive. We are developing a suite of applications for the share plans sector, using our in-house team of experienced IT professionals. Our ethos is to bring simplicity and clarity to complex issues, using great technology and our industry expertise.

In all our services, we aim to deliver 'black and white' statements wherever possible - for example, whether a jurisdiction requires a legal filing or not, and exactly how much that filing costs, and when you need to do it. We use the latest technology to obtain, store and deliver the data that drives our services, and you can sign in on the device of your choice - mobile, tablet and desktop. This new approach means you can simplify and cut the costs of your due diligence and this is something that matters to every business. Our partners, the top 10 UK law firm, CMS, work with us on the legal and tax content, using their extensive global network to provide high quality compliance information that is accurate and update, and covers the jurisdictions that you need for your share plans.

We will:

  • Identify your key securities filings and exchange controls
  • Give you full details of all minor legal issues
  • Show you the costs and timings of any filings
  • Get your filings done in the most cost-effective way
  • Keep you up to date

Share | Compliance

Identify countries where you need to make legal filings, with clear costs and a fixed schedule. All legal compliance issues covered.

Share | Global Network

All our legal and tax information is underpinned by the CMS global network of leading lawyers from around the world.

Share | Tax

Coming soon - our new app. Identify tax rates, tax points. Vital data for your company, your employees, and your plan administrator. Tax headline data included in our Share | Compliance app.

Practical and easy to use

Our online service is available on all devices, including as a mobile app. Choose to work with a ShareReporter relationship manager.

Up-to-date, accurate data

Information is up-to-date and accurate, underpinned by our law firm partners, CMS. The ShareReporter expert team has over 25 years experience of share plans compliance. You are in good hands.

Cost effective solutions

Reduce your compliance costs, and maximise your efficiency. We offer great value annual subscriptions and a guaranteed per country cost.

Expert team, led by CEO Mike Pewton