Just 12 months ago, we launched our first application, Share | Compliance, for companies operating international share plans. Since then, we have onboarded clients from around the world (including Australia, Finland, the US and the UK), and we thank all our clients for their support.

During the year, we also introduced our Share | Guides application, a flexible and customisable communications tool for companies to give their plan participants around the world the tax and legal information they need. The Guides are optimised as mobile phone apps, but we also provide PDFs and even live data feeds.

Looking ahead to 2022, we continue to innovate with our technology, and our IT team is finalising some exciting developments which we will be launching later this month. Look out for details of these in the coming weeks.

What makes ShareReporter unique is our commitment to making technology that works for companies, and delivering practical, good-value solutions. Plus, our applications are backed by the global network and legal and tax expertise of CMS.

We very much look forward to discussing your global share plans with you in 2022!

Mike and all the ShareReporter team