Tax | Rates

Tax rates from all around the globe, all available to you via our app. Rates are constantly updated and consistently accurate. Developed for the share plans market, you can see at a glance the key tax issues – income tax, social security, withholding and any special tax data you need to know. We can also provide tax rates data to businesses to incorporate within their own systems – this is vital for share plan administrators, advisers and companies.

Global tax rates at the touch of a button

Constantly updated, and delivered in the formats you use

Global tax rates app

Check tax rates from around the world, as they relate to employee share plans.

Global data, accurate and up to date

The CMS expert network provides accurate and up to date information.

Global solutions for international companies

We understand how international share plans work, and the data needed. All the tax information you want will be available for your share plans compliance.

Tax rates for different plan types

We look at tax rates for all kinds of share plan, and show all tax phases, from grant to sale, whether for employee or parent company.

Integrate into your system

Our IT team can make sure you get the rates in the formats you require, so please get in touch.

Talk to us

Discuss with us your specific requirements. We are open to ideas, and have a creative, flexible approach.

Talk to us now about our Tax Rates service

We are already talking to businesses about how they can use the data, and especially about integrating the data into their own systems. Please get in touch with us now to see if we can build in the features your business needs. To access tax data via our Share | Compliance app, see our prices below, shown either as stand-alone tax data or combined with our legal compliance information.

Tax Know-How
Self-service overview of key tax headlines – stand-alone tax information
per country per year, no minimum fee/set up cost

Headline tax data for standard award types

Maximum tax rates, income tax, capital gains tax

Tax updates

Maximum 2 users

Compliance Plus
Personalised set up on the app with award types tailored to your plans & full app functionality
per country per year. Minimum €5,000 per year (includes up to 10 countries)

All Tax Know How features plus:

Up to 5 plans

Detailed legal reports for each country

Feasibility table (for country and issue comparisons)

Key tax information for each country

Tax and legal updates

Up to 3 users

Compliance Premium
Personalised set up on the app with award types tailored to your plans plus relationship manager support
per country per year. Minimum €15,000 (includes up to 20 countries)

All Compliance Plus features plus:

Up to 10 plans

A dedicated relationship manager (1-2 hours per month)

4 hours content training annually

Annual report

Access to legal consulting on your Plan structures

Legal and tax updates

Annual ShareReporter virtual conference

Up to 5 users