Despite current circumstances, there are still plenty of events happening across the global share plans community. Below is an overview of the events coming up in June, along with a few other important events that should be marked in your calendars.

June 8th – NASPP (Philadelphia) Virtual June Meeting with Infinite Equity and Clearbridge Compensation: Top 5 Trends in Performance Awards
17.00 BST/18.00 CET, 1 hour 15 mins

June 10th – NASPP Webinar: Trends in Pay and Workplace Equality
19.30 BST/20.30 CET, 1 hour

June 11th – ESOP Share Schemes and Trustees Seminar, Jersey 2020 (postponed)
8.30 BST/9.30 CET, 6 hours

June 15th – NCEO Webinar: Strategic and Administrative Issues Unique to Partial ESOPs
17.30 BST/18.30 CET, 1 hour 15 mins

June 15th – GEO Webcast: Your Global Compliance Update: What’s New for Q2?
17.00 BST/18.00 CET, 1 hour 15 mins

June 24th – GEO UK & Channel Islands Chapter Meeting – Summer Social
16.30 BST/17.30 CET, 1 hour 30 mins

June 24th – Proshare Webinar: All – Employee Plans: Building Back Better
10.00 BST/11.00 CET

September 14th through October 7th – GEO’s 22nd Annual Conference Virtual

November 19th – GEO’s 2021 Pan European Regional Event