At ShareReporter we work hard to give share plan professionals the ability to see the overall picture of their legal compliance. It has traditionally been very difficult to see what the key issues are, when thinking of issues such as filings, securities laws and exchange controls, or to make sure that you’re doing the withholding tax in the right place in the right way, or to decide whether or not you should look at offering a cash plan rather than purchase plan or a stock option. It can be a confusing and complex picture, but we believe there are tools to help make things significantly simpler. Our ShareReporter services will be giving clients a clear picture based on facts and best practice. We will be clear that in many countries you won’t need to do filings, and withholding tax is necessary in around 40% of your likely countries. And 70% of the time you won’t need Social Security. Where you do need to make filings, then we will be clear as to the costs and timings. And our Legal Report contains all the legal underpinning, with all the minor issues also covered. Let us know if you would like a demo of our new service.